Academic Translation

Professional Academic Translation

Academic works are translated into 191 languages. Plagiarism detection report (similarity rate index) studies and proofreading studies are also carried out within the scope of this service.

It is the translation of articles, researches and theses written in academic literature into another language.

PhD Thesis Translation,
Master Thesis Translation,
Undergraduate Thesis Translation,
Scientific Article Translation,
Graduation Project Translation,
Diploma Translation,
Transcript Translation,
Temporary Graduation Certificate Translation,
Student Document Translation,
Exam Success Certificate Translation,
Transcript Translation,
Term Paper Translation,
Translation of Graduate Application Documents,
Equivalency Certificate Translation,
Academic Thesis Translation

It is important that the place where you present your academic work does not ask for corrections on or reject your work. Another issue to be considered is the similarity score. The similarity index should be low. For this reason, translations should consider plagiarism.


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